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Who are we?

Jaco Creative is a professional web agency with a specialist team of passionate and motivated individuals who are trained to design and build elegant responsive, interative websites to engage the reader and create the best possible user-experience.

We aim to fit your every need along the way by tailoring development and design to your specific preference, communication is key to supporting you and keeping an incredible service you love to use.

We care extra about keeping your website up to date with the latest technologies to ensure security and browser compatabilty, along with keeping the user experience stunning and swift.

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Creating perfect eCommerce solution for you.

Bespoke Development

Tailoring development to fit your need.


Building websites that always fit beautifully.

Website Design

Creating elegant pieces of art.


Supporting your every need, always.


Keep you from ever needing to worry.


What did we do?

We created a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) for Planet Granite UK.

Overall the system is a viable management tool which has become a extensive part of the company, helping ease staff from running through a high capacity of paperwork to disclose information.

What does it offer?

This system offers many different features which enable Planet Granite UK to work smoothly and keep track of everything from payments to job conversions.

Some features include:

  • Ability to have connections between Customers & Jobs
  • Expenses connection via Jobs
  • Payments with invoices
  • Quotes API to allow commercial site to send quotes to CRM
  • Advance Filtering & Ordering
  • Ability to set multiple events on jobs
  • Full calendar view with set times
  • Reports including Conversions, Totals and much more
  • Creating graphs for visual reporting
  • Wages, Expenses, Payments and more
  • Reporting on overall income and outcome
  • Includes support for VAT & Tax

There are many more features which have been tailored for the use of Planet Granite to help them gain the best experience.


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Here at Jaco Creative we are always looking for new talent to join our ever growing team, currently we are not looking but please feel free to send your CV across for any future positions that become available.